Loccioni Deutschland and University of Stuttgart present the results of the first case study on Loccioni

Loccioni Deutschland’s biggest project so far with the academic world came to an end this Wednesday at our office in Calw.
During the last 6 weeks 8 Master students and 1 Bachelor student of the University of Stuttgart’s faculty for Management, Economics and Social Sciences analyzed Loccioni thoroughly and conducted personal interviews with 23 of our colleagues across various departments and levels of responsibility.

Our business model, our way of encouraging organizational learning and the particular cooperative leadership style inside Loccioni were of main interest.
Collaborating with these young minds is always a pleasure for us, ideas and opinions coming from the outside are crucial for holistically reflecting ourselves and are vital for improving our way of working.
Without a doubt, this was just the beginning of our cooperation with University of Stuttgart. We want to express a very warm thank You to Prof. Birgit Renzl and Dr. Martin Rost who first took an interest in Loccioni and initiated the case study.

Last but not least, a huge shout-out goes to you students and your hard work during the last weeks. Maybe our paths will cross again in the future. You are always welcome.


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