TAKE A BREATH 2016: “What” will we drive in twenty years?


The fourth edition of Take a Breath has just come to an end. During this event, which takes place every four years, the representatives of the automotive industry from all over the world meet in the countryside of the Marche region, in our laboratories. 140 people, 70 companies, 15 countries: among the participants BOSCH, DAIMLER, GM, FCA, CONTINENTAL, MAGNETI MARELLI, DENSO. During these two days, managers, directors and experts imagined the future of the mobility sector and shared their point of view about the evolution of the automotive world for the next decade.


Increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Increasingly frequent travels. Increasingly long journeys. Increasingly time spent in car. Growing connected people.
These are just some of the megatrends that will take part of the evolution of the world over the next years. Trends that will have an effect on the automotive world, a world that is increasingly changing putting the human being and the environment at the center of its actions.

Starting from the prediction-provocation of the visionary Lukas Neckermann about the Mobility R-e-volution: zero emissioni – zero incidenti – zero proprietà (Mobility R-e-volution: zero emissions – zero car accidents – zero ownerships), during these two days , experts and important personalities of the main OEM and automotive components manufacturers discussed the development of the internal combustion engines and the transmission systems, the electrification of the car and the autonomous driving. The context, the brand new Kite Lab – Knowledge Intensive Testing Environment -, is a laboratory for the development of advanced testing instruments, conceived to support Customers in order to pursue the objectives related to the environmental sustainability, security and performances with dedicated measure and testing solutions.


Obviously, there was also the opportunity of an immersion in the territory and its traditions, according to the simple and family style that belongs to us. So, our guests lived their personal Festa dell’Uva (“The Grapes Festival”) thanks to the Antica Cantina S. Amico winery and the town of Cupramontana.


What will we drive in twenty years? – Servizio TGR

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