Joint Lab tra Loccioni e Shanghai Jiaotong University

In the last few days, in Shanghai, took place the opening ceremony of “SJTU ME – LOCCIONI Renewable Energy Automotive Powertrain R&D Center” between Loccioni and the Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). The agreement made with the “School of Mechanical Engineering”, of the prestigious Chinese university (a benchmark inside the Chinese automotive world) represents a fundamental milestone for the development of the company in the Far East and an essential meeting point for the young history of Loccioni China.



The agreement makes official the creation of a Joint Lab inside the University where we can install and show our solutions for the development of powertrain components. This partnership represents an important showcase for the local market and it would allow us to establish a close cooperation with the University aimed at the exchange of students and technologies with our Kite Lab.

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