The agriculture that regenerates the territory

ARCA (Agriculture for Controlled Regeneration of the Environment) is a project born in Le Marche Region to spread sustainable, measurable and technological farming techniques that allow the soil to regenerate and regain its lost fertility.


Promoters of this project are Enrico Loccioni, Giovanni Fileni and Bruno Garbini, three local entrepreneurs linked to their land of origin and who have developed a business culture attentive to the territory.



The goal of ARCA is to put farmers and consumers in communication, thus fostering a cultural revolution for the wellbeing of people and the planet.


Professor Aldo Bonomi has investigated to understand if farmers and local communities are keen to adopt the actions and practices promoted by ARCA, noting a great interest.


ARCA also intends to help consumers to make more ethical, healthy and environmental choices by bringing to the market a new awareness: the possibility of cultivating and choosing not only healthy products that are good for health, but which regenerate soils, preserving the organic substance for the future.


From consumers to regenerators: it is the R Generation. The revolution starts from the future.


“The purchase and consumption of ARCA products means not only creating wealth in a territory, but also regenerating the natural environment, contributing to a new social service “. Bruno Garbini


“I was lucky enough to be born in this wonderful land, from which I gathered the values ​​of the monastic and sharecropping culture that I have applied in these 50 years of business. Now we return these values ​​to the earth, applying technologies, innovation, energy efficiency and the intelligence of the networks. Giving the ARCA project the objectivity of the measure “. Enrico Loccioni


 ”The ARCA project shows how there is no “cure” of common goods, if this care is not translated into the language of the community “. Aldo Bonomi


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