mission and values

Our mission
We integrate ideas, people, technologies to transform data into values


Data are the core of our activity. The data we manage, create, measure and transfer are not only used to improve products and processes but, in going through intelligences, knowledge, open company networks, they transform into values. They are the values of economic, quality, performance and efficiency and mainly represent the company soul, its most intimate dimension.


Ideas, people, technologies are the core of our work, soul and values represent the intangible and the tangible purpose of our daily activity.  Transforming data into values is our commitment towards our interlocutors – clients, collaborators, suppliers, partners – with the aim of improving ourselves, of going beyond the limits and facing new challenges.




Our values
Energy, Imagination, Responsibility, Tradinnovation


Energy is putting a great deal of enthusiasm, passion, initiative, courage, motivation in the things we do; energy is the highest expression of doing; it is the fundamental value at the base of every knowledge company where there are no products to realize but projects to imagine and dreams to fulfil.


Imagination is having the ability to dream, watching with “big eyes”, asking ourselves useful questions to get to the realization of the dream imagined.   Knowing how to dream is  to be co-creators, participating to the construction of the future rather than being subjected to it.  Capable of imaging is whoever has the right curiosity, openness, creativity to make his work and his life  a coming of unique events, continuous occasions to grow even if still young.


Responsibility is living the present with the awareness that every action we do has consequences on the future.  It means respecting the environment and the people living on it, personally taking the trust offered upon ourselves (by clients, suppliers, collaborators). It is the ability to respond and therefore welcome, with generosity, honesty, integrity.


Tradinnovation combines the value of tradition, of the rural culture we come from, of the experience and innovation use and listening, of the incentive to be launched in the future, of continuously innovating. It is the arrow which once strongly shot, it can reach the furthest places. It is recovering the base cultural values, the ancient wisdom which leads to live innovation as behaviour, towards the territory, the people, the organization, the technology.