model and nets

Our model

Our networks

The network is the main source of opportunity and development. As an old saying reads “alone you can go faster but together you can go further”.

The first network is the ‘intra-preneurs‘ one, the internal collaborators, 350 minds everyday sharing their knowledge and projects inside Loccioni company.

Then there is the spin-off one, ex-collaborators leaving the Group and becoming entrepreneurs (82 companies in 43 years employing about 300 people on the territory, with a similar turnover to Loccioni Group one) and who will continue to collaborate with us in the development of projects enriching the territory of work and knowledge.

Since the beginning of our activity we have been collaborating with schools, institutions, our clients, partners, suppliers and with the territory.  These initiatives gave the light to projects as Bluzone, open network with schools and Universities of the territory to host and train students, U-net, multidisciplinary network of Universities and Research Centres to develop scientific competences and applied research; Crossworlds, network of important international groups which, in collaboration with ATA-Associazione Tecnica dell’Automobile, is targeted to stimulate the technological transfer among different sectors; Nexus, multisectorial network of local enterprises able to communicate and interact by developing the territory and exploiting its potential synergies.

Even Leaf Community project was conceived as a network, sharing it with very high level companies which have enriched it with their excellent competences.

Then there is Silverzone, the network of experiences and knowledge, of “beautiful minded” over-65 retired people we have met along our way, such as collaborators, clients, suppliers, partners who now feel like transferring their experience to young people, with a renovated enthusiasm and passion, enjoying them.