Our land

From Agricultural Activity to the Network Company
The Loccioni Group of Companies is one of the main representatives of the socalled “Marches model”. Nowadays this model must be defended, supported and renewed by introducing new values that serve to enhance those qualities which have typified this model: a strong will, tenacity, moderation, simplicity, solidarity, family responsibility, respect for traditions…

From the dominance over nature to the spreading of knowledge
The natural striving for an improved quality of life made man fight for dominance over nature. He stemmed the flow of rivers, tamed wild animals and optimised the cultivation of land.
Today we are also in a position to dominate electronics, mechanics and telecommunication, …. but there is a continuous flow of new knowledge and new resources made available to the territory from where we have drawn our origins and from where we have inherited our basic guidelines and values. All this allows a general and long-lasting growth to take place, that is also supported by a coherent development of complete networks, which are expanding and becoming more competitive each day.

From hard physical work to intellectual work
Strenuous and repetitive physical work deserves full respect. In the complex and difficult high-tech markets however, intellectual elements such as knowledge, information and creativity override force and machinery. It is for this reason that we must strive to employ the best brains and maintain continuous professional training and promote self-improvement in a quality environment. Emphasis is placed on information exchange and the development of relationships with universities and research centres. This promotes constant innovation and provides capable resources within an organisation model encouraging flexibility and efficiency.

From the literal weight (2 pounds of…)to the weight of ideas
Unlike the old fashioned marketplace where one could go and see, touch, feel and smell the products one had available to buy, the virtual marketplace is one where non-tactile products such as information, patents, added value, experience, reputation, reliability and loyalty can be negotiated. As a consequence, our business commitment promotes establishing relationships, anticipating trends and encouraging our customers towards future competitive markets: we actively strive to foresee our customer’s needs which they themselves may not be fully aware of. Thus integrated solutions, products and services are offered, always maintaining total quality and customer satisfaction.

The underlying values of the ethics of development

There has been a constant development from the rural world to our Marches industries. Old and new values merge into a dynamic and trustworthy process which governs everyday tasks. Simplicity, integrity, economy, solidarity, family spirit, mutual efforts, team spirit, enthusiasm, energy, strong will, tenacity, creativity, responsibility and the ability to communicate. These values are the corner stones of our actions, positive and responsible actions generate a development that respects man and environment.

From the manufacturing microcosm to the networking company
When the boss managing capabilities come out from an agricultural background, the Marche development model seed is scattered onto the fields. From the agricultural firm to the first generation company and to the adult enterprise: an uninterrupted development starting from the originary accumulation. Nowadays the new competition attitude makes us immediately think about the strong solidarity among the farmers, it provokes the flourishing of the enterprises integrated systems able to overcome the single’s weakness. The common desire to be successful and so strong to face the market and all the internationalisation projects was born from a common strong commitment and motivated human resources.