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Farm House Cadabò, Montecarotto (An)
Farm House Colle delle Stelle, Mergo (An)
Farm House Croce del Moro, Rosora (An)
Country House B&B Piagge del Sole, Montecarotto (An)
Country House Vittoria-Il Graditempo, Rosora (An)
Country House L’Infinito, Serra De’ Conti (An)

Farm House Casa Martelletto, Serra San Quirico (An)

Amico Country House, Serra San Quirico (An)



La Marca, Rosora (An)

Country House Al Massimo, Rosora (An)
Restaurant “Le Busche”, Montecarotto (An)
Restaurant “Osteria delle delizie”, Moie di Maiolati (An)
Restaurant “Le Copertelle”, Serra San Quirico (An)



Biological Rural Farm, “Ca’ Elena”, Staffolo (An)

Rural Farm “Eredi di Chessa”, Montecarotto (An)
Stillery “Varnelli”, Muccia (Mc)
Rural Farm “Vignamato”, San Paolo di Jesi (An)
Rural Farm “Moroder”, Ancona
Rural Farm “Colonnara”, Cupramontana
Wine Company “Fazi Battaglia”, Castelplanio

Rural Farm Vito Celeste, Serra San Quirico (An)


With LOV | Our friends

Who believes in the beauty and values of our Territory like us.
Is the perfect tool to discover and explore the factory outlets shopping opportunities in a land of art, culture and amazing landscapes.
“Ideali Eventi”
Hug your curiosity..let yourself be tempted by the charme and the tastes of our land, and by a more creative form of tourism.
“Consorzio Frasassi” (Frasassi Caves)
Frasassi caves are situated in Genga Municipality (AN) and represent one of the most fascinating underground paths in the world, with their 30 Km of extension laid out on 8 geological levels. In the charming scenario made of stalactites and stalagmites, crystal water ponds and alabaster spears it is possible to choose the tourist path  (1,5 km in about 75’) or try the emotion of the speleologic tour, red or blue according to the level of difficulty.
Brochure Frasassi Caves
“Sistema Museale della Provincia di Ancona”
“Castello Pallotta”
“Avventura Marche”
“Marche Region 360°.
Past, Present, Future converge into a whole vision travelling around Territory, History, Culture, Religion, Crafts, Oenogastronomy, Traditions and Entertainment…..”
ITAL.COOK is located in Jesi, in the region of Le Marche which, due to its central position in Italy, is an important converging point of the various regional cuisines of Italy.
The School was born according to a project between the City of Jesi and Slow Food Italy and its activities started in 2003 and since 2006 the Province of Ancona became member.