The beauty of Marche

“… So blessed by God of beauty, of variety, of affluence, between this sloping mountains defending, including this stretch of sea that embraces, among the hills that rise to greet this opening between the valleys of laughing .. … ”
Gosuè Carducci – famous italian poet

Le Marche is an unknown land, rich of human, historical and artistic resources. A journey to discover the traditional and cultural Italian heritages.



Chief town of Marche region, Ancona is a town full of contrasts: the small streets going up to the old centre suddenly open onto the sea, the ancient cathedral dominating the white noble palaces and the ships of the big merchant port. Ancona is a very old town and was born on one of the last slopes of Mount Conero, around a wide inlet representing for centuries one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean sea. Still today, the lungomare Vanvitelli (where there are the port buildings designed in the XVIII century by Luigi Vanvitelli) extends its historical charm to the very modern activities of the port, while from the Passetto, the long seaside walk towards south, it is possible to see the cliffs and the precipices going down from the promontory.
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Located almost in the center of the Marches, the Vallesina runs along the middle course of the river Esino. Dominated by the silhouette of S.Vicino, the valley is enclosed by hills sloping down to the sea which reveal the villages perched on hilltops. The main feature of the area, in which Jesi is the main city, is the series of walled villages, often in an excellent state of preservation, which are extended over the hills and are referred to as “Castelli di Jesi”.
Important place in history and ancient traditions, the Vallesina still preserves the signs of spirituality in the ancient medieval abbeys that dot the area. The colors, the flavors and aromas of this area predominantly agricultural tradition blend in the famous Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi, one of the largest indigenous grapes of Italy. And precisely the hills covered by vineyards welcome visitors who begins his journey in these places.

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The beautiful Natural Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi offers the visitor not only dazzling natural environment. Inside it is possible to visit some of the jewels of which over the centuries have made this area even more attractive for the visitor.
In the two kilometers between the sheer walls of the Frasassi gorge, carved by the river Sentinum in the limestone, there are two religious buildings as diverse among themselves as united by perfect harmony with the spectacular beauty of these places.
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