Welcome and Valorisation of Marche Region excellences


LOV, the “Land of Values”, is a project targeted to make the experience by our Group a unique and unforgettable moment: to let everybody visiting us breathe in one meeting professional and convivial atmosphere.

LOV is valorisation of our Land, Marche Region, but also welcome: it is our aim to transmit our values, which are the basis of our culture, to all those who visit us, to leave them with a special and unforgettable souvenir of the experience they will live while meeting us.

LOV is taking care of the guest, with the intention of introducing him in a friendly and confidential family-life atmosphere, even if far from his own everyday life.

The visit to our Group must be a moment involving not only business matters but also moments of hospitality with the aim of discovering the values and culture from where our world takes its essence.

Such goal can be achieved through the collaboration with hotels and restaurants representing the local oenogastronomic heritage; companies that offer the possibility to taste the perfumes and the atmosphere of our Region, Marche.