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24/10/2017 - The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
High-accuracy interference-fit assembly utilizing a hybrid actuator

This paper presents an innovative press-fitting stationthat combines a hydraulic cylinder and a piezoelectricactuator to reach micrometric accuracy in axial positioning

his paper presents an innovative press-fitting station
that combines a hydraulic cylinder and a piezoelectric

02/04/2014 - Oncology Pharmacy, University Hospital of Ancona-Loccioni humancare
Aseptic processing validation of the IV compounding robot in a hospital pharmacy

The purpose of this study was to validate the aseptic process of the automatized IV compounding

02/04/2014 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
A Robotic System in support of the Hospital Pharmacist in management of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer Therapies

Hospital Pharmacy of L'Aquila has acquired on June 2012 a Robotic System, APOTECAchemo (AC)


01/04/2014 - American Journal of health-system pharmacy
Automated preparation of chemotherapy: Quality improvement and economic sustainability

The quality and economic implications of manual versus automated preparation of antineoplastic drugs were compared.

26/03/2014 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
The automated compounding of paclitaxel albumin as a sustainable alternative to the traditional compounding

The purpose of this study is to automate the preparation of Abraxane® with APOTECAchemo and analyze the results.

27/02/2014 - The Capital Region Hospital Pharmacy
Media fill to validate the aseptic preparation of cytotoxics on an automated robot

Describe the performed initial performance qualification of the APOTECAchemo robot

01/01/2014 - CEM2014
Simultaneous process and emission monitoring through two automatically switching FT-IR Gas Analyzers

In this paper results from the real application of a system made by two FT-IR analyzers on a fertilizer industry in Italy.

15/11/2013 - American Journal of health-system pharmacy
Implementation of an i.v.-compounding robot in a hospital-based cancer center pharmacy

The implementation of a robotic device for compounding patient-specific chemotherapy doses is described, including a review of data on the robot’s performance over a 13-month period.

01/10/2013 - Proceedings of the International Conference on Sustainable Cultural Heritage Management
The Loccioni model of "responsible enterprise". Territory, culture and Social Innovation

The Loccioni model is analized from ethical-anthropological point of view

12/06/2013 - ETHICOMP 2013_Conferenza Internazionale sulla Computer Ethics
Slow tech: towards good, clean and fair ICT

Green@Hospital e APOTECAchemo citati come casi di studio internazionali

13/03/2013 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Outcomes evaluation of an international workgroup on robotics: A multicentre study

18 hospitals have now introduced APOTECAchemo, it became necessary to set a round table where all users could share their knowledge and expertise.

13/03/2013 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Risk assessment of cytotoxic compounding: Manual vs Robotic

This work is aimed at assessing the risk of medication errors in manual and automated compounding, taking into consideration the procedures and controls applied in both cases.

13/03/2013 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Pharmacist experience in continuing improvement of automatic system

The aim of this work is to quantify the benefits that pharmacist reaped in the day-to-day work in terms of productivity after the annual upgrade

13/03/2013 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Disinfectant efficacy of ultraviolet light irradiation in an automated systems for the aseptic compounding

This study was aimed at assessing the effectiveness of UV disinfection into APOTECAchemo, the robot for the compounding of antitumoral drugs in use at the University Hospital of Ancona.

13/03/2013 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
Centralization and technology support the hospital pharmacist in improving safety,accuracy and economy in the management of monoclonal antibodies

the Division of Anticancer Drugs of L'Aquila (Italy) acquired on June 2012 a robotic System, APOTECAchemo, the first worldwide system for chemotherapy compounding in a controlled atmosphere.

01/01/2013 - Intra- and inter-organizational effects of a CRM system implementation.
Intra- and inter-organizational effects of a CRM system implementation.

Baraldi E, La Rocca, A & Perna, Mercati e competitività

01/01/2013 - Developing new business relationships
Developing new business relationships: an outside-in perspective.

Come nasce una relazione industriale?

01/01/2013 - PowerGen2013
Coal mill performances optimization through non-invasive online coal fineness monitoring

This work is envisaged to be the first step towards the development of an integrated mill diagnostic and monitoring tool able to improve the whole combustion process.

27/09/2012 - European Congress of Oncology Pharmacy
Assesing surface and cross contamination after an intense use of a robotic system for the chemotherapy compounding

In this work, we wanted to evaluate the level of environment contamination and cross-contamination generates during a thorough use of the robotic system.

27/09/2012 - European Congress of Oncology Pharmacy
Accuracy of preparations compounded by a robotic system in comparison to manual compounding

The main goal of this study was to compare the accuracy of preparations compounded by an authomated robotic system (Apoteca chemo) with preparations compounded manually.

27/09/2012 - European Congress of Oncology Pharmacy
Cytotoxic surface contamination in a robotic system in comparison to manual compounding

The main goal of this study was to compare the surface contamination with cytotoxic drug substances during automated preparation and during the manual preparation process.


01/07/2012 - The IMP Journal
Exploring the conditions for marketing an innovative and unique customized solution

Mexus case study

08/05/2012 - Loccioni Humancare
Convalida e integrazione di un sistema ad alta tecnologia nell unita farmaci antiblastici

In questo lavoro riportiamo i risultati raggiunti nella realizazzione e nella convalida in ambiente clinico di Apoteca chemo.

01/05/2012 - David publishing
The Possible Convergence Between Business Marketing and Territorial Marketing

The “Land of Value” (LOV) Case

21/03/2012 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
The performance improvements of the 3rd generation robot for the automated compounding of oncology drugs

The objective of this work is to analyse the performance of the third generation robot and to compare it with the previous ones

21/03/2012 - European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
The complete automation as the new frontier of oncology drug compounding

Thanks to the collaboration with Loccioni Group, the process of work automatization started in 2007 with the introduction of a first robot for chemotherapy compounding.

07/09/2011 - International Conference on Image Processing & Communications
Advanced dimensional control on Washing Machine sealing through profilometry

In this paper , the on-line implementation of home-made 3D  profilometry system on washing machine production line is treated.

3rd  - Poland

01/01/2011 - International Conference on Structural Engineering Dynamics (ICEDyn)
Experimental Setup for Real Time Structural Health Monitoring: Data Acquisition and Structural Modeling Issues

In the present paper, various data acquisition systems and MEMS accelerometers have been tested andimplemented in a high performance and cost -effective SHM system, suitable to be installed in a residentialbuilding

01/01/2011 - ASHRAE annual conference
The Redesign of An Italian Building to Reach Net Zero Energy Performances: A Case Study of the SHC Task 40 - ECBCS Annex 52 (ML-11-C040)

To provide high quality information about the design process of a NZEB, it was decided to examine in detailthe specific case study of the Leaf House (LH) located in Ancona, Italy

07/06/2010 - Household Appliances - Parts&Components
Il Ruolo Femminile Aiuta la Crescita Aziendale

Intervista con Cristina Cristalli, Head Manager Ricerca e Innovazione del Gruppo Loccioni

01/06/2010 - IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics (ISIE)
Classification of Silcon Solar Cells using Electroluminescence Texture Analysis

An automated procedure for classification of polycrystalline silicon solar cells with respect to their electrical characteristics is presented in this work

31/05/2010 - Loccioni Humancare
Sicurezza nel percorso onco-ematologico

Abbattimento dei rischi mediante integrazione di tecnologie avanzate

10/04/2010 - Loccioni Humancare
Making automation a reality in oncology pharmacy

Since 2007, the cooperation between the Hospital Oncology Pharmacy of Ancona and the LoccioniGroup led to the implementation, validation and integration of the first robotised system for the cytotoxic compounding in pharmacy routine.

17/03/2010 - Department of Management and Industrial Organization
Developing and embedding eco-sustainable solutions

The evolution of the Leaf House Network