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05/06/2018 -
Loccioni: entrepreneurs and managers for sustainability

An itinerant council among future, history and nature

28/05/2018 - TVCentroMarche
The extraordinary phenomenon of the sun

Every 25th May at the Sant'Urbano Abbey the beam of light event

15/05/2018 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Scuola 24
Relaunching ITS and create a busy dialogue with families and children

Do a good mix of school and work

15/05/2018 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Scuola 24
Relaunching Its and a strong dialogue with families and children

Training, especially related to Industry 4.0

27/04/2018 - La Repubblica
"Weak" leaders alarm entrepreneurs and bankers

"We need a political government"

07/04/2018 - Jesi e la sua valle
Loccioni: the values of the social enterprise

The month of March dedicated to the cultural imprint of Graziella Rebichini

30/03/2018 - Direzione del Personale
Two kilometers of future

How can a company be able to create work and beauty today?

29/03/2018 - Corriere Adriatico
"Loccioni sanctuary of work"

Menichelli at the family enterprise

26/03/2018 - Password
Marzo Loccioni: initiatives in memory of Graziella Rebichini.

Yesterday the Family Run

26/03/2018 - AdriaEco
Loccioni: the values of the social enterprise

The legacy of Graziella Rebichini

25/03/2018 - Il Sole 24 Ore
Sant'Urbano Abbey

The monk culture between bio and hi-tech

24/03/2018 -
The values of a social company

The Marzo Loccioni

08/02/2018 - Mar dei
Enrico Loccioni: Italy that does not know the crisis

The reasons for his optimism and the secrets of his success

26/11/2017 - Quadro Elettrico
Loccioni technology in Scandinavia

Eon's Local Energy Systems at Simris is the first energy island in Sweden

25/11/2017 - CentroPagina
Loccioni technology for the first energy island of Scandinavia

At Simris, with EON's LES project, 140 homes have unplugged the mains from the national grid

14/11/2017 - La Voce
Industry 4.0: robots are getting smarter

Loccioni at the NIDays2017

05/11/2017 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Nova
We are all islands (energetic)

The Leaf Community lands in Sweden with E.on

01/11/2017 - Il Resto del Carlino
Loccioni leader in innovation

"We want to hire more engineers"

31/10/2017 - Quotidiano Energia
Smart grid and Fer, "turned on" the first energy island in Scandinavia

E.ON and Loccioni together to feed the town of Simris with \"km 0\" and 100% renewable energy

31/10/2017 -
E.ON lights up the first energy island of Scandinavia

With the LES project E.on involved Simris in the world to come

30/10/2017 - ANSA
From Loccioni robotic systems tailored to the industry

Founded in 1968 is defined as the technological tailor's shop of the Marche region

28/10/2017 - Vivere Camerino
Loccioni's Carbonara Week for IoNonCrollo

The Loccioni energies dedicated to collecting funds for Camerino

27/10/2017 - Ancona
Startups form Marche region leaders at Smau 2017

Prizes to iGuzzini, Loccioni and Tigamaro

08/08/2017 - Jesi e la sua valle
In memory of Graziella Rebichini

All the activities of the Loccioni's March

23/07/2017 - Corriere Adriatico
The Loccioni's Style for Cristina

"Create a family is the real sense of a company"

23/07/2017 - Corriere
Maria Cristina Loccioni's style

Pragmatism, company and family

27/06/2017 - Il Sole 24 Ore Sanità
H Pharmacy, the robot is here

The APOTECAcommunity successful model is seducing the Italian Hospitals

15/06/2017 - Rai - IsoRadio
Chemiotherapy drugs prepared by a robot

A different story

28/05/2017 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Nova
The Renaissance of the Italian robotics

Industry 4.0

25/05/2017 - QI - Quale Impresa
Brave Capitain

The exposition opening

03/04/2017 - Corriere Adriatico
Loccioni's got Talent: the collaborators act like Stars

It was the final event of the month dedicated to Graziella Rebichini Loccioni

16/03/2017 - La
The pharmacist robot who is preparing life-saving doses is here

At the Candiolo Cancer Institute, the super-machine helps the specialists

01/03/2017 - Automazione Industriale
A new project to produce with zero flaws

01/03/2017 - Automazione Industriale
Data scientist career

Develop qualified professionals to handle the big datas is the aim of Da.Re project.

01/01/2017 - Unser Weg Bosch
Who wants to bet?

Loccioni for Bosch

30/11/2016 - Automazione Oggi
The future of job begins in the Marche region

GO0D MAN and Da.Re. the European projectsfor Industry 4.0

29/11/2016 - Corriere Adriatico
In Loccioni Bluzone you can start looking at the future since you are a child

The innovation giant among the 16 companies rewarded by the Ministry of Education

01/11/2016 - Il Sole 24 Ore
Manufactory daughter of art and culture

The jump in the '50 and '60, with the transition from craft workshops to factories

01/10/2016 - AboutPharma
Apoteca Community leads to Ancona

The UN of hospital pharmacy

01/10/2016 - The Journal
Mobile Robotic Platform for Automatic Railroad and S&C Inspection

The new Felix model