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05/11/2017 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Nova

We are all islands (energetic)

The Leaf Community lands in Sweden with E.on

01/11/2017 - Il Resto del Carlino

Loccioni leader in innovation

"We want to hire more engineers"

08/08/2017 - Jesi e la sua valle

In memory of Graziella Rebichini

All the activities of the Loccioni's March

23/07/2017 - Corriere Adriatico

The Loccioni's Style for Cristina

"Create a family is the real sense of a company"

23/07/2017 - Corriere

Maria Cristina Loccioni's style

Pragmatism, company and family

27/06/2017 - Il Sole 24 Ore Sanità

H Pharmacy, the robot is here

The APOTECAcommunity successful model is seducing the Italian Hospitals

15/06/2017 - Rai - IsoRadio

Chemiotherapy drugs prepared by a robot

A different story

28/05/2017 - Il Sole 24 Ore - Nova

The Renaissance of the Italian robotics

Industry 4.0

25/05/2017 - QI - Quale Impresa

Brave Capitain

The exposition opening

03/04/2017 - Corriere Adriatico

Loccioni's got Talent: the collaborators act like Stars

It was the final event of the month dedicated to Graziella Rebichini Loccioni

16/03/2017 - La

The pharmacist robot who is preparing life-saving doses is here

At the Candiolo Cancer Institute, the super-machine helps the specialists

01/03/2017 - Automazione Industriale

A new project to produce with zero flaws

01/03/2017 - Automazione Industriale

Data scientist career

Develop qualified professionals to handle the big datas is the aim of Da.Re project.

01/01/2017 - Unser Weg Bosch

Who wants to bet?

Loccioni for Bosch

30/11/2016 - Automazione Oggi

The future of job begins in the Marche region

GO0D MAN and Da.Re. the European projectsfor Industry 4.0

29/11/2016 - Corriere Adriatico

In Loccioni Bluzone you can start looking at the future since you are a child

The innovation giant among the 16 companies rewarded by the Ministry of Education

01/11/2016 - Il Sole 24 Ore

Manufactory daughter of art and culture

The jump in the '50 and '60, with the transition from craft workshops to factories

01/10/2016 - AboutPharma

Apoteca Community leads to Ancona

The UN of hospital pharmacy

01/10/2016 - The Journal

Mobile Robotic Platform for Automatic Railroad and S&C Inspection

The new Felix model

27/09/2016 - La Gazzetta dello Sport

The future belongs to the electric motors? No also to the efficient thermal ones

According to automotive experts, gathered at Loccioni group, in 2035 the traditional engines will be 75% of the total