Train & Transport

Integrated solutions for transport and railways network

Starting from the first electrical equipments and automation systems for rail stations in the 70’s, experience in transport sector and passion for innovation have driven Loccioni towards the continuous improvement of quality and services for the transport and railways network.




Measure & testing

    • Felix, first mobile robot for automatic railroad switch inspection
    • Tunnel inspection systems
    • Train components testing systems (brakes, motors, etc)


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But Felix is not only an innovation…it tells a story about being brave and visionary enough to jump at any chance that could positively and unexpectedly influence the life to come, and go with the flow. Discover it here.


Loccioni Research
Loccioni, with its Research for Innovation team, is constantly involved in national and international research projects.
The integration with customers and partners is the key to innovate and explore new measurement and quality control techniques, product development, test campaign and feasibility studies.