1st “Open Company” Trophy

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With Federico Golla talking about future and megatrends

Last 2nd October we had the pleasure to welcome Federico Golla, President and CEO of Siemens Italy.

It was a valuable and enjoyable opportunity for discussing on the issues of energy and industry 4.0.
Visiting the laboratories and the microgrid Loccioni, Eng. Golla confronted with the young Loccioni researchers on several issues, from the medical to the automotive, from energy to research macrotrends.
Particularly involving the testimony open to collaborators: in a crowded classroom Eng. Golla spoke of future, innovation, megatrends and especially of personal responsibility and Siemens to be a guide and advisor for the development of the Country.

Future means to decide today to have a future.” F. Golla


Loccioni and the philosophy of the error. Today on La Repubblica

Making a mistake in business is not a sin. Indeed, it can even be rewarded as long as you do not hide it. The mistake becomes the atout of success. For themselves and their team.


A management philosophy that starts to be successful in Italy, as claimed by Isabella Covili Faggioli, president of the Aidp (Italian Association of Directors of the staff), but that in order to do so it must abandon the old hierarchical conception of the company in favor of everyday less pyramidal organizations.

A corporate culture also promoted by our Group, in daily contact with the error, either as an integral part of the business, and as a natural risk of a project work, always new and different.


An article published today on “Repubblica” newspaper where, on page 2, in red, the beginning of the paragraph in which the philosophy of the error in Loccioni is told.



Calw, Germania, 25 settembre 2014


Today is a very important day for Loccioni: the first event in one of our international sites. In the afternoon, in our office in Calw, Germany, we will welcome over 40 guests from our German customers and partner companies. Among those who have decided to share with us this important moment:  Daimler, BSH, Bosch, Siemens, Volkswagen, Continental, Schunk, National Instruments, Schneider, Liebherr, Genotec, UniMainz, Tum Munchen, Uni Freiburg, Denso, Samsung, Areva.


It will be the occasion to live all emotions and milestones of 40 years of work and relation with Germany and to thank our customers and partner for their trust and for the challenges they gave to Loccioni. Thanks to them we have had the opportunity to bring Italian technology in the most prestigious sites of this country industry. Together we will continue to design the future, to create new work and go on with the enterprise to seed beauty.

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Felix @ Innotrans Berlin

For the first time Loccioni Group attends Innotrans Berlin, from September 23rd to September 26th, 2014.
Special guest of the participation is Felix, the first mobile robot for the automatic railway switch inspection, developed with the objective to increase railway switches reliability, guarantee railways safety and solve maintenance planning problems.


Loccioni@ NI Week 2014 becomes “Platinum”

On the 4th and the 5th of August 2014, Loccioni Group was one of the protagonists of the 20th Edition of NI Week, an annual International Event organized by National Instruments Corporation   and held in Austin, Texas (USA).


The Loccioni Group has been represented by Innovation Director Manager Mrs Cristina  Cristalli and and Software Designer Mr.Doriano Donna.

The historical and strategic collaboration developed on a global scale between Loccioni Group and National Instruments has been recognized with the achievement of the “Platinum Alliance Partner” status. Continue reading

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The Leaf Community becomes a social and technological innovation laboratory

Angeli di Rosora 10-11 luglio 2014


Two days of intensive knowledge sharing and awareness: the 2 km di futuro® forum, organized by Loccioni Group, with  Enel, Nissan, Samsung SDI and VenetoBanca, under the patronage of the Ministry of EnvironmentMinistry of Economic Development,  World BankUN Habitat,  Marche Region,  Kyoto Club and Legambiente has been joined by over 300 people coming from all over the world with the drive to visit one among the first real micro-grids in Italy and experience a good practice of social innovation.

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About Future

Our web section Our Knowledge Company hosts the fourth article by Mario Bartocci, Fondazione Aristide Merloni coordinator and author of “Animal Spirits in Vallesina. Enrico Loccioni and the enterprise as a game”, a book which talks about our Group in an original and exciting way.


In this article Bartocci continues in telling us the importance of the Future.


Future – our ancestors used to say – lies on the knees of the gods »: for generations and generations, future has been a sacred mystery, unknowable and unpredictable.

Yet, since the first appearing of Man on the earth, some people tried – or pretended-to break the seal and enter the secrecy.
So did the prophets, who accredited themselves as genuine interpreters of the God’s will and projects. So did the future-tellers, who gained money aptitude in seeing in advance the events to come.

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Eureka Ph.D. program, a growing project


On Thursday 29th May, the first meeting of training project 4Eureka was held at Teatro Ridotto delle Muse (Ancona). 4Eureka is promoted by Marche Region and it is dedicated to all the Eureka Ph.D. candidates, who are attending applied researches in collaboration between universities and enterprises of Marche Region.


Our Group is contributing to develop this training project, in addition to supporting Marche Region in realizing the web platform WEureka, which will be online by few weeks and will host all the Eureka Ph.D. candidates of Marche Region, giving them the great possibility of connecting and exchanging their experiences and knowledge in a multidisciplinary context.


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