We develop measurements and control systems to help manufacturers perform at their best, saving time and money while respecting human safety and the natural environment.

Transportation, energy, manufacturing, health: to measure is to make it better.

We work together with the world-class enterprises and leaders in their industry. We build communities with them to improve the quality of their products and processes.

from data
to value

POLARIS® – The North Star of our business project.

We work for the well-being of people and the planet, offering our customers technologies that enhance quality, safety, and reduce costs.

We measure to improve, building networks with collaborators, customers, and suppliers, and viewing innovation as a behavior rather than a result.

The four human needs we aim to address, providing confidence in the future and continuous challenge, are mobility, wellness, energy, and the environment. Our market projects are born from these needs, diverse and integrated, all equally involved in the ongoing processes of electrification and digitization.