Our Company project


When complexity increases and the future advances with its whirlwind of opportunities, that is the moment to raise your eyes to the sky and seek the Pole Star.

Like explorers of the past, so must the enterprise projected into the future be capable of intercepting and anticipating technological and market evolutions with a flexible, project-oriented organization. Such an enterprise does not confine itself to definitions or catalogs; what it needs to define is the continuous pursuit of the method, the engine that enables the entire organization to move towards ever-new visions with a common purpose.

With this objective, Polaris® is born, an infographic that represents a complex ecosystem and can be defined as the visual synthesis of a lifetime of thought.

A search for meaning that Enrico Loccioni, entrepreneur-philosopher, has undertaken with designers, philosophers, engineers, and data scientists. The result is the graphic representation of the company’s mission: measure to improve, for the well-being of people and the planet.

Around this core, energies are catalyzed: those of collaborators, clients, and partners. Choices are oriented, challenges are embraced, and the organization is rewritten.

Polaris® tells our why. We work for the well-being of people and the planet, offering our clients technologies that enhance quality, safety, and reduce costs.

Polaris® tells how. We measure to improve, building networks with collaborators, customers, and suppliers and viewing innovation as a behavior rather than a result.

Polaris® tells what. The four needs of human beings that we wish to address, providing us with the security of the future and continuous challenges: mobility, wellness, energy, and environment. Our market projects are born from these needs, diverse and integrated, all equally involved in the ongoing processes of electrification and digitization.

Polaris® is a code from which to extract method and with which to design the future, but also a working tool to navigate through data, projects, and people. It is also the access point to a knowledge database, directed both inward and outward, to share an organizational model and generate innovation. It is an open and continuously evolving model.

Polaris® has been selected by the ADI – Association for Industrial Design among the best design projects in the “Design for Enterprises” category.