In the knowledge-based company everyone is an entrepreneur and uses his/her talent to develop business from within.

The organization is horizontal and the relationships are based on trust rather than hierarchy.

The company develops through the skills of its collaborators. Knowledge workers grow by developing their competences, know-how, leadership and communication skills.


the knowledge company

It is while playing that intelligence is best expressed. – Isao Hosoe

The Play Factory is not a workplace, but a place where you can work, unlock your potential and realize your identity. Play means bringing generations, cultures and different industries together to work in an informal, authentic and friendly environment.

A school for all ages

School and work are connected. The company itself is a school of competencies. It fosters people to develop new skills and make their dreams come true.


School and work meet to turn passions into projects.

A “training gym” that stimulates students’ creativity and imagination, from elementary to secondary school, involving also students who are about to graduate and doctoral candidates, giving them the possibility to acquire new competences and guiding them towards the choice of their working future.

DOC and Collaborators

Discovering the meaning of work and the joy of entrepreneurship.

We are looking for ‘entrepreneurs,’ people who see work as a challenge, a project, and an opportunity for growth. For them, we design technical and managerial training programs that amplify their talent.

Every year, we select the most promising young talents in the area. We call them ‘DOC,’ like the grapes chosen for the finest wines. With them, we initiate a two-and-a-half-year journey of continuous work and training, both professionally and organizationally. DOC is a professional growth path for those who want to understand the job and continue their education.

Silverzone and Nexus

Building generational bridges or pursuing one’s entrepreneurial spirit by venturing out on one’s own.

The greatest satisfaction for an entrepreneur is to help other entrepreneurs follow the same path. A dedicated program encourages collaborators who aspire to start their own business while staying connected. The presence of experienced individuals creates a space for innovation, guidance, and planning.