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Nomadic Labs

Electrification and digitalization are transforming the automotive industry. Loccioni supports this revolution with a modular system where products get designed and tested with an energetically sustainable approach.

Batteries, electrical motors, and inverters: the car of the future integrates components that need to be tested to improve safety and performance. A process that requires a great deal of energy.

In Le Marche region, a virtuous supply chain is being designed, which merges competencies in mobility and energy to safeguard the environment and save energy, while developing innovation and circular economy.

In 2008, Loccioni transformed its industrial and residential buildings into the Leaf Community, the first eco-sustainable community in Italy, an open-air laboratory for the development of energy-saving technologies.

Today the microgrid is enriched with the Nomadic Labs, an energy island made up of containers connected to the microgrid, which house test rooms for the new car components produced by some of the biggest carmakers (Mercedes, Volvo, BMW, ecc). There is the laboratory for testing the electric axis, the one for the electric motor, the one for the inverter, and the test room to measure battery pack performance.

Thanks to intelligent management of energy flows and power peaks, almost all consumption is regenerated, recovered, and transferred to the microgrid. In addition, the growing availability of used electric car batteries powers and improves the quality of energy produced through the sun and the water that flows into the nearby Esino River. It is the Second Life of batteries, an example of circular economy.

Measurement and quality control, digitalization, and the ability to integrate complex systems are the key to taking a decisive step towards the future of energy.

Nomadic Labs

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