Parents and children from the Past to the Future, from the Future to the Present

As every year Summer & Sons project, dedicated to collaborators’ children, has given us beautiful emotions and unexpected points of view. Childrens’ diverse perspective and wondering capacity allowed them to go through the Future, among spatial measuring, remote cultures, 3D printing, energy fluxes, hi-tech drones and trains.

But Future, actually, is rooted on the origins, into the Past memories and footprints.

That’s not all. Future is built now, trhough everyday actions, within a Present dimension which is known, tranformed and enriched by children staying together and sharing their thoughts, actions, emotions.


From the Past to the Future, from the Future to the Present.


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The agriculture that regenerates the territory

ARCA (Agriculture for Controlled Regeneration of the Environment) is a project born in Le Marche Region to spread sustainable, measurable and technological farming techniques that allow the soil to regenerate and regain its lost fertility.


Promoters of this project are Enrico Loccioni, Giovanni Fileni and Bruno Garbini, three local entrepreneurs linked to their land of origin and who have developed a business culture attentive to the territory.



The goal of ARCA is to put farmers and consumers in communication, thus fostering a cultural revolution for the wellbeing of people and the planet.


Professor Aldo Bonomi has investigated to understand if farmers and local communities are keen to adopt the actions and practices promoted by ARCA, noting a great interest.


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Joint Lab tra Loccioni e Shanghai Jiaotong University

In the last few days, in Shanghai, took place the opening ceremony of “SJTU ME – LOCCIONI Renewable Energy Automotive Powertrain R&D Center” between Loccioni and the Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU). The agreement made with the “School of Mechanical Engineering”, of the prestigious Chinese university (a benchmark inside the Chinese automotive world) represents a fundamental milestone for the development of the company in the Far East and an essential meeting point for the young history of Loccioni China.



The agreement makes official the creation of a Joint Lab inside the University where we can install and show our solutions for the development of powertrain components. This partnership represents an important showcase for the local market and it would allow us to establish a close cooperation with the University aimed at the exchange of students and technologies with our Kite Lab.

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Loccioni among the 2018 Best Managed Companies

In the suggestive setting of Palazzo di Mezzanotte (“Midnight Palace”), Deloitte, together with ALTIS Università Cattolica, ELITE – the London Stock Exchange Group project that supports the development and growth of companies with a high potential – and Confindustria, awarded the Italian companies, identified as “excellences”, for their organizational skill, strategy, care for people and performance.



Between the 31 companies that have been selected, 5 of which were from the Marche Region, there are leading names belonging to the Italian enterprise: AFV Beltrame, Adelante, Alfaparf Group, Antares Vision, Biesse, Cioccolati Italiani (Gesa), CLAI, Colcom Group, DILEO Pietro, Elemaster, Elica, Engineering, FARESIN INDUSTRIES, Farnese Vini, Ferrari F.lli Lunelli, Filoblu, Fratelli Carli, Fratelli Ibba, Gessi, Gruppo Sabelli, iGuzzini, Irritec, Kartell, Loccioni, Nice, Recordati, Sanlorenzo, Tapì, TECNO, Trime e UNOGAS.


The Best Managed Companies is an international recognition, with more than 20 years of history, at its first Italian edition.

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(Italiano) Rosso di sera… questione di Ionosfera!

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(Italiano) Maestri del lavoro 2018

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Humans before numbers. Loccioni awarded

“Social and civil development must not be a by-product of economic development, but a consciously pursued goal”. – Federico Caffé



The Caffè Award is dedicated to the great Italian economist Federico Caffè to reward the effort of enterprises that look beyond numbers, towards new economic visions that are sustainable from an environmental and social point of view, to create something special for their community .


Loccioni was among this year awarded Companies. According to the journalist Michele Buono: “Loccioni is the real example of how the social dimension of any Company, its committment to its territory and people, are not just a human vision, but a winning long-term model”


The award was dedicated to Graziella Rebichini Loccioni, “who is part of this beautiful story”.

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Il Ladro dei Numeri, a gentle introduction to informatics

You will say: “What school is it if you do not read and write?”



Norberto Patrignani and Mirella Mazzarini present the first book, published by Loccioni, on digital technologies resulting from an educational experimentation between our company and school. In addition to write and read, as we have done, future generations will also learn how to write (and read!) Computer programs.

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The best is yet to come: Pupi Avati’s lesson


Pupi Avati’s story deserves a movie. He is one of the masters of Italian cinema, with 49 career films. He started off as a jazz musician in Bologna and then started making movies with Federico Fellini and Pier Paolo Pasolini, two of the most brillant italian directors of all times.


The focus of Pupi Avati’s speech at Loccioni was to never settle, but always do more in order to respect your talent. Because the most beautiful day of your life, the one in which all dreams come true, is always tomorrow.

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(Italiano) La resilienza – Report

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