The Felix® Robot returns to InnoTrans in Berlin!

After the our presence in 2014 InnoTrans edition, Loccioni Group participates again at the InnoTrans to present the upgraded version of the Felix® robot, developed by our team in collaboration with RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana).

This version of the Felix® has an upgraded Hardware and Software that performs additional measurements (in particular related to the wear of railway tracks and turnouts) able to solve different problems connected to maintenance processes of the rail track equipment.

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APOTECAcommunity International 2016


On September 1st and 2nd took place the 2016 APOTECAcommunity International Meeting, the biennial event dedicated to the establishment of the robotics standards for the hospital pharmacy.


The international APOTECAcommunity is the worldwide scientific network of pharmaceutical leaders and experts of technology who meet in Italy (the robotic pioneer in the pharmaceutical field) to discuss about new trends and look at the future. 26 organizations from 15 different countries took part in this event, from USA to Singapore, among guests also worldwide reference centers such as the Cleveland Clinic and the Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA), the Mainz University Hospital (Germany) and the Samsung Medical Center (Korea).


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The week of Pasta all’Amatriciana


Loccioni joins the campaign to support the victims of the recent earthquake in Italy and help rebuilding one of the most affected villages: Arquata del Tronto.


This week we serve Pasta all’Amatriciana to the 400+ employees at our headquarters in Italy and our three offices in Washington DC, Stuttgart and Shanghai.


The money collected will be handed over to the major of Arquata del Tronto.

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Loccioni Traverse System at GTI Conference


On September 27th to 29th, GTI 2016 – 8th EVI-GTI & PIWG Joint Conference on Gas Turbine Instrumentation will take place in Berlin.


GTI 2016 is a well-established forum for industry, academia and business leaders to meet, publish results and share knowledge in the gas turbine instrumentation and process control sector.


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Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg visits Loccioni for the first time


Today we have the pleasure to welcome at Loccioni for the first time students and professors of Stuttgart’s Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg.


The Duale Hochschule is a very well-known university in Germany with campuses mainly across Baden-Württemberg which offers study programs in various areas.
The reason why the graduates of this university are highly appreciated by German companies is that their particular study program is divided between studying at university for one half of the year and learning the ropes directly on the field working full-time for a company during the other half of the year.

In the future, Loccioni Deutschland plans to offer such a study program as well which provides students with a university degree and significant work experience.


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Wide School. Designing complexity

Wide School


Today Wide School starts. It is the first training experience attended by Bachelors and Masters students, which closes the second edition of Bluzone Camp, the
Loccioni training path for students of all ages, from local elementary schools to universities.

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Future Innovations

The Festival della Crescita – Future Innovations will be held on 29th of July in the Multimedia Center San Francesco in Civitanova Marche.


Organized in collaboration with Edison, the program includes a series of training sessions and meetings with leaders, businessmen and a series of intergeneration exchange meetings.
On the panel for “Dialogues on radical innovation”, alongside Ms. Greta Campolucci from Intesa Sanpaolo and Mr. Marco Antognozzi, Mr. Enrico Loccioni will talk about our 2 KM of future.



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Expo 2015: the heritage inside a book published by Skira


On Tuesday, July 19th, it has been presented the book The Power of beauty. A journey into the Italian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 devoloped by Giuliano Faliva, Lorenzo Altieri, Mauro Belloni, Caroline Elefante, Chiara Ferrè.


An heritage of stories and images which will give us the opportunity to revive the event that has represented the heart of the World Exposition for several months.


Among all the stories, there is also our installation “The fairy tale of the river the and company” that during the exposition has told the story of our 2 km of future, the entire recovery process and the development of 2 km of the river Esino, which from a threat has become a beautiful place where the inhabitants of the territory can go for a walk, but also a destination for our guests who come from all over the world.


Until September 30th, you can visit our installation in Milan Experience the park built in the EXPO area that offers everyone the opportunity to participate at hundreds of events, initiatives , exhibitions and shows.

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Above and beyond customer’s expectations

Yesterday, the Above and BeyondPinnacle Award for Suppliers Excellence took place at Delphi Corporation headquarters in Luxembourg, an event dedicated to the best suppliers of the American group.

This honor is addressed to the partners who particularly stand out going above and beyond the standard work and contractual obligations.

Loccioni was the only one to be awarded in the machines’ category, an immense recognition to the extraordinary work of all the people who every day, with passion and competence, make it possible to go above and beyond customers’ expectations.


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Bluzone Camp: summer camp for all ages


Bluzone Camp second edition is about to end. It is a training workshop that comes from a joint design with local schools. This year the project has involved more than 100 teachers within the enterprise through a training path and about 180 students trained at school in order to build together the skills of the future.


Moreover, there are many others projects allowing children to meet the company world. During June Loccioni Group has indeed opened its doors to local elementary schools students with “Fuoriclasse” project: 40 children lived a week in the company to discover Internet of Things. They thought about the relationship between technology and nature: how could we connect things through technology in a respectful and sustainable way?

Such question has been the leitmotif of all Loccioni laboratories for young students – “Fuoriclasse” for middle schools students and “Classe Virtuale Camp” for high schools ones. Finally, there is “Summer & Sons”, a project dedicated to Loccioni collaborators’ children from 6 to 13 years old. All activities of these projects have been focused on an active and joyful learning that teach to integrate “knowing” and “doing”, fun and work.


All of this is part of Bluzone world, our “training ground” that involves more than 1,000 students per year in school-work pathways, where experience and knowledge exchange generates a “jobplace for all ages”, where working means learning.




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