Bluzone Camp 2017: let’s go!

It is summer in Loccioni and we are ready to become a laboratory for all the ages. Our company opens its doors to schools and students of the territory, offering technological challenges for the present and the future that is yet to come.


More than 350 teachers and students have been already involved in a training program, called “From coding to digital wisdom”, aiming at thinking about the collaboration between the school and the company and designing future skills. Therefore Loccioni becomes a generational bridge, a place where playing, knowing and learning by doing: the third edition of Bluzone Camp 2017 is going to start next Monday, engaging students of elementary school. There will be involved also our collaborators and their sons.


Through technology, digital wisdom, coding, sustainability, collaborative robotics and internet of things, the students start to meet the work of the future!


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Nova – Il Sole 24 Ore: The Renaissance of the Italian robot

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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Bayer’s Grants4Tech challenge: we are the winners.

After weeks of preparation, testing after testing and after “baths” of dust, the Grants4Tech challenge launched by Bayer has arrived and we flew to Berlin for the competition.



5 teams involved, from several European nations:

  • The IVISO team from Vienna
  • The DRUMMIE team from Leuven
  • The FASS team from Aachen
  • The ROBODEV team from Karlsruhe
  • The LAIAL team: we together with IIT (Italian Institute of Technology)

Teams were aggressive and developed evolved systems: each had its own strategy to reach the goal, consisting in opening several dust containers from which, after removing a plastic band and opening the contents, dust had to be sampled and then put the strap back and close the container in just 15 minutes. The adrenaline was very high.

Step by step our system has made it: we have completed almost all the operations, ensuring a nice score that took us to the highest step of the podium.
Hartmut Klusik, part of Bayer’s Board Management, has rewarded us and has complimented us for the achievement!


Watch the video: The award ceremony

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(Italiano) Due Stelle al Merito del Lavoro

On 1st May, on the occasion of Labor Day, “Stelle al Merito del Lavoro” have been delivered all over Italy. It is an award confered directly by the President of the Republic to whom has become “Masters of Labor” that has shown moral and professional integrity.  In this edition, Loccioni has participated in the award ceremony of his colleagues Renzo Libenzi and Gino Romiti at the Auditorium of Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona. Congratulations and thanks to Renzo and Gino, but also to all the collaborators for their diligence and passion that make every day our growth possible!


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Live your experience with us!

Dopo 3 anni di collaborazione con il prestigioso MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – USA) e i 5 loro studenti ospitati in Loccioni possiamo dire che la nostra partnership con una delle più importanti università di ricerca del mondo è ormai consolidata. Una relazione che sicuramente ci inorgoglisce e che ci aiuta a capire il valore delle nostre attività, delle nostre tecnologie e la visione che ne si ha all’esterno.
Sotto trovate la testimonianza, non solo sull’esperienza in Italia, ma anche sul mondo Loccioni e sul nostro lavoro di Siena e Thomas, i ragazzi che sono stati con noi nel 2016.


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Here is work!


Our communication campaign, “Here is work!”, has finally started. Through it we want to send a positive message to young people who live in our territory. We have indeed to design, together with them, our next 50 years, carrying on what we have already done by developing competences and quality work. We joined our entrepreneurial path with the history of schools, communities, families and young people of our territory, sharing values, the desire of doing well, the passion for work and our land.


Whoever would like to take care of the future can contact us at


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Automotive standards: SAE committee choses Loccioni for its first meeting outside the US

SAE international 2016 at Loccioni


In September 2016, Loccioni hosted the meeting of the SAE Gasoline Fuel Injection Standards Committee (GFISC), the group responsible for developing international standards for automotive gasoline fuel injection systems.


Committee members represent automotive manufacturers, suppliers, government agencies, national laboratories and other interested parties from around the world.


This was the first SAE meeting hold outside the United States, in conjunction with the fourth Take a Breath conference organized by Loccioni to discuss a future vision of mobility with global leaders and experts from the automotive industry and the academia.

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Best Wishes from Loccioni Group

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(Italiano) Loccioni e Università Politecnica delle Marche premiati dall’Unione Europea!

The first edition of the Start Up Europe Award took place in Milan, in November 2016. This event is promoted by the European Commission Parliament that has awarded for their commitment two realities of Marche Region: our Enterprise Loccioni and Università Politecnica delle Marche towards startups. This event belongs to the initiatives of StartUp Europe, which is a programme of European Commission that supports the project Horizon 2020 for the development of digital strategy. The main aims of this programme are connecting people, linking the various local ecosystems, supporting startups and celebrating business talents. The special award #SEUAItaly2016 “Best StartUp Business Booster Enterprise” has been won by our Enterprise. On the contrary, Univpm received the special price #SEUAItaly2016 “Mostprolific Spin-off, Startups (SOS) creator” for the quality and the quantity of their spin-off and startups.

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(Italiano) Vincitori del premio AI AWARD 2016

The 30th November, Loccioni has received the Industrial Automation Award 2016 for the best project realized in collaboration with GE Digital (serviTecno) for Multiservizi spa.



The project has been characterized by the high level of efficiency and safety, in terms of process and management.

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