(Italiano) Loccioni e Università Politecnica delle Marche premiati dall’Unione Europea!

The first edition of the Start Up Europe Award took place in Milan, in November 2016. This event is promoted by the European Commission Parliament that has awarded for their commitment two realities of Marche Region: our Enterprise Loccioni and Università Politecnica delle Marche towards startups. This event belongs to the initiatives of StartUp Europe, which is a programme of European Commission that supports the project Horizon 2020 for the development of digital strategy. The main aims of this programme are connecting people, linking the various local ecosystems, supporting startups and celebrating business talents. The special award #SEUAItaly2016 “Best StartUp Business Booster Enterprise” has been won by our Enterprise. On the contrary, Univpm received the special price #SEUAItaly2016 “Mostprolific Spin-off, Startups (SOS) creator” for the quality and the quantity of their spin-off and startups.

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(Italiano) Vincitori del premio AI AWARD 2016

The 30th November, Loccioni has received the Industrial Automation Award 2016 for the best project realized in collaboration with GE Digital (serviTecno) for Multiservizi spa.



The project has been characterized by the high level of efficiency and safety, in terms of process and management.

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We build competences and professions for our future!

Today “Corriere Adriatico” talks about our effort of opening Loccioni doors to students, building our next 50 years with them. There’s a lot of work to do and we would realize that with young people who imagine future and stay ahead of the game.


 Corriere Adriatico – Martedì 19 Novembre 2016

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APOTECAcommunity meets in Baltimore



On November 3-4, 2016 the fourth edition of the APOTECAcommunity USA meeting took place at  The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore MD.

APOTECAcommunity is the scientific network where users and developers of the APOTECAchemo robot envision new ways in which technology can help oncology patients.


This year, 30 hospital pharmacy professionals participated in the meeting from some of the leading cancer center in the US, including the newcomer Montefiore Medical Center in New York City.  Continue reading

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A day to remember!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Italiano.

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Loccioni between national excellence for the quality of the projects with schools


Tomorrow, October the 18th at 10,30 AM at MIUR (Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research), Stefania Giannini, the Minister of Education, University and Research, will present the national data regarding the Learning-Working Project, as well as the results of the first year after the innovations introduced by the Italian plan “Buona Scuola” (Good School).

The Minister will also present the venture called “I campioni dell’Alternanza”. There will be some of the biggest Italian companies such as Accenture, Bosch, Consiglio Nazionale Forense, Coop, Dallara, ENI, FAI, FCA, General Electric, HPE, IBM, Intesa Sanpaolo, McDonald’s, Poste Italiane, Zara. Loccioni is the only medium-sized enterprise that has been chosen thanks to the several projects involving schools, and for having believed in it 40 years ago.

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TAKE A BREATH 2016: “What” will we drive in twenty years?


The fourth edition of Take a Breath has just come to an end. During this event, which takes place every four years, the representatives of the automotive industry from all over the world meet in the countryside of the Marche region, in our laboratories. 140 people, 70 companies, 15 countries: among the participants BOSCH, DAIMLER, GM, FCA, CONTINENTAL, MAGNETI MARELLI, DENSO. During these two days, managers, directors and experts imagined the future of the mobility sector and shared their point of view about the evolution of the automotive world for the next decade.


Increasingly stringent environmental regulations. Increasingly frequent travels. Increasingly long journeys. Increasingly time spent in car. Growing connected people.
These are just some of the megatrends that will take part of the evolution of the world over the next years. Trends that will have an effect on the automotive world, a world that is increasingly changing putting the human being and the environment at the center of its actions.

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The Felix® Robot returns to InnoTrans in Berlin!

After the our presence in 2014 InnoTrans edition, Loccioni Group participates again at the InnoTrans to present the upgraded version of the Felix® robot, developed by our team in collaboration with RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana).

This version of the Felix® has an upgraded Hardware and Software that performs additional measurements (in particular related to the wear of railway tracks and turnouts) able to solve different problems connected to maintenance processes of the rail track equipment.

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APOTECAcommunity International 2016


On September 1st and 2nd took place the 2016 APOTECAcommunity International Meeting, the biennial event dedicated to the establishment of the robotics standards for the hospital pharmacy.


The international APOTECAcommunity is the worldwide scientific network of pharmaceutical leaders and experts of technology who meet in Italy (the robotic pioneer in the pharmaceutical field) to discuss about new trends and look at the future. 26 organizations from 15 different countries took part in this event, from USA to Singapore, among guests also worldwide reference centers such as the Cleveland Clinic and the Johns Hopkins Hospital (USA), the Mainz University Hospital (Germany) and the Samsung Medical Center (Korea).


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The week of Pasta all’Amatriciana


Loccioni joins the campaign to support the victims of the recent earthquake in Italy and help rebuilding one of the most affected villages: Arquata del Tronto.


This week we serve Pasta all’Amatriciana to the 400+ employees at our headquarters in Italy and our three offices in Washington DC, Stuttgart and Shanghai.


The money collected will be handed over to the major of Arquata del Tronto.

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