The first #2kmdifuturo

2 km di futuro


Loccioni first testimonial of the TIM advertising campaign #KMDIFUTURO


“We connect Italy to the Italy of tomorrow”: with this claim TIM has started its communication campaign about the covering of the national territory by fiber. “Our project is to lay down over 16 million kilometers of fiber and cover over 95% of the population with the 4G LTE. By 2017”.


Our 2 km di futuro® then, have been requested to be the first testimonial of this campaign that gets its title from our project.


That’s why here you can see Enrico Loccioni on the famous red Panda, telling how an enterprise can, through people and the network, collect incredible challenges, transform them into new work, new knowledge, new international markets: into 2 km di futuro®.


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