Two new maestro among us


Our colleagues Remo Solustri and Damiano Antonelli received yesterday the “Stella al Merito del Lavoro”, an honor awarded by the President of the Italian Republic to reward individual merit of expertise, hard work and good moral conduct of workers.



Remo and Damiano joined the club of Loccioni’s Masters of Labor, which counts 14 members:
Year – Star of Merit
2006 – Giancarlo Cup
2007 – Bulgari Enrico
2009 – Simoncini Christmas
2011 – Third Loccioni
2012 – Enrico Maiolini
2013 – Children Teresa
2013 – Giuliano Mosconi
2013 – Marco Carletti
2014 – Baio Doriana
2014 – Luciano Paglioni
2015 – Antonio Bonci
2015 – Badiali Giancarlo
2016 – Solustri Remo
2016 – Antonelli Damiano


This award goes to those workers who meet the following requirements:
• have a 25-year expertise
• are 50 year old or more
• have showed expertise, industry and good moral conduct
• have improved the efficiency of the tools, machines and processing methods
• have contributed in an original way to the improvement of work safety measures
• have trained the next generation in professional activities.


Congratulations to Remo and Damiano!


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