Healthcare innovation

Apoteca Community

Hospital pharmacy innovators from the best Hospitals in the World have decided to drive the technological change together.

Apoteca Community is the international scientific network where healthcare professionals and technology developers chart the evolution of hospital pharmacy robotics.

The group originated from the public-private partnership for innovation in healthcare between Ancona University Hospital and Loccioni. Nowadays it includes leading healthcare organizations from the United States, Europe, the Gulf and Asia.

The Community aims at engaging members in scientific collaboration, propelling advancements in pharmaceutical services and human care, promoting friendly and informal relations among people.

The international Community meets every two years in order to establish guidelines for hospital pharmacy robotics and share them with the international scientific community, as happened with the article published on the AJHP, Automated Intravenous Medication Compounding: Recommendations from the international community of APOTECAchemo users.