The courier of corporate culture

Desiderio Editore

Desiderio Rebichini was a courier. He looked for the best and freshest farming products to bring them fresh to the city, especially to Rome. Like other couriers, Desiderio transported and sold culture. This is the root of the commercial and cultural spirit of the company, coming from Graziella’s family, supporting and merging with Enrico and his farming origins.

Desiderio Editore was created on July 30 2018, on the fiftieth anniversary of Loccioni company. It was born from the awareness that “The company is a social good, which generates work, wealth and identity in its territory… and a cultural asset, which codify and disseminates the founding values.”

Like the couriers’ parcels, Desiderio Editore books preserve the values, the spirit, the identity of Loccioni company and the territory: good practices to share, stories not to be forgotten, lessons learned.

Desiderio Editore wants to be a propulsor of positive energy to develop entrepreneurship, a witness of the sense of work, which can be joy and personal fulfilment, active commitment in the local community to “leave better than we found ” (Enrico Loccioni).

The addressee of these messages are first and foremost the young, the knowledge players in Loccioni, making the difference today and in the future. But also entrepreneurs, managers, public administrators, teachers, trainers: anyone who wants to make their work an opportunity to “sow beauty”.

Desiderio Editore

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