The e-axle revolution

In 2040, one every two cars sold will be electric. This will change people's lives, the ecosystem of our cities and, even before that, transform the automotive industry.

Carmakers have officially entered the challenge to lead the underway electrical transformation.

One of the key components that will enable a large-scale switch to e-mobility in the future is the electric axis. The e-axle combines three powertrain components into one unit (motor, power electronics, and transmission) and aims to make electric mobility more efficient and reliable.

This expected productive rise requires special attention to quality.

Loccioni has embraced this new adventure by developing Axenon, a test bench for e-axle technologies that performs the functional test of the product at the end of the line, simulating the behavior of the wheels in different scenarios and collecting data on quality, reliability, and performance of every single e-axle.

Axenon, whose name derives from the ancient Greek άξονας (áxonas), which means axis, is a project that stands out also for the design, which is inspired by the circular dynamo and represents the archetype of perfection. The project has been selected as one of the best examples of Italian design.

The e-axle revolution

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