Loccioni’s first project

Lots of fascinating entrepreneur origin stories begin in the city suburbs. This one begins in a rural house.

More precisely, inside a barn. But in a very particular barn that welcomes customers, practicing hospitality.

When he was 15 years old, Enrico often had to go get water from the well and transport it to his house and cows. A real nuisance. An annoying problem. There must have been a different way to do it.

In that same barn, Enrico set-up his office where he treasured the biggest invention that ever arrived to the countryside at that time: electricity! A pump, electricity, pipes, and now the water reaches home on its own. It is the first automation project.

An annoying problem, of a poor comfort, has been solved using technology. Enrico’s dad is enthusiastic and tells the story to the neighboring farmers, trying to take home other projects and improve the quality of their work.

This is, actually, how Loccioni is born.

Loccioni’s first project

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