Company culture

We are 2068

We are 2068 is the commitment we take towards our children, the children of our children. It is the awareness that what we do today, our work, our business, can make the difference.

We are 2068 is the enterprise looking at the future. On its 50th anniversary the word is continuity, the next 50 years. Key is enterprise culture, identuìity, core values and guidelines: the soul of the organization.

We are 2068 is a chorus of voices: of the family, of collabroators, of the land, of tradition turning back to peep at future, of friends sharing value.

We are 2068 is the deep understanding that, whatever our role, we are part of an organization that in 50 years wants to continue to generate work and value and wealth in our territory. And this is up to each of us.

We are 2068 is the wave we are generating with our projects, it is to live our time looking at ourselves from the future, proud of being part of it and of having left our mark on it.

We are 2068 is a codification of a business model, the cornerstones of Loccioni culture, as they have taken shape over time with Graziella and Enrico Loccioni and are developing and consolidating with Cristina and Claudio. It is the soul of the company.

We are 2068

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