In the Internet of Things era systems, machines, sensors, and products continuously generate and exchange a large amount and a big variety of data. These data represent an invaluable asset to enrich and improve technology.

Growing strong data analytics skills assures the capability to transform huge data sets into meaningful and useful information. The goal is to develop tailored analytics tools and algorithm based on the most advanced techniques coming from several fields, such as signal processing, machine learning, statistics and data mining, in order to deliver innovative data-driven services, improve systems and processes robustness and reduce scraps, inefficiencies and downtimes.

innovation areas

Data analysis for predictive maintenance

In order to optimize maintenance cost and improve process robustness, our systems are equipped with sensors monitoring the behavior of the main components. We apply advanced data analysis techniques to develop forecasting systems for failure prediction of production line automated stations, with consequent cost-effective advantages (less unscheduled downtime, fewer emergencies, less scrap).