World Congress on Railway Research

This May on Sunday the 29th will kick off in Milan the eleventh edition of the “World Congress on Railway Research” (WCRR) under the theme “Research and Innovation from Today Towards 2050”.

The WCRR is a 5 days scientific research based congress, which attracts experts from all over the planet and allows the exchange of information and knowledge regarding the research, development and innovation in the railway transport and railway industry generally.

28 are the countries that have already signed up to the event, and 36 those who submitted projects.

Loccioni Group signed up for the presentation of two projects:

  • the first, developed in collaboration with RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) concerns the Felix® robot: in its most advanced version, it carries out an additional set of measures (particularly those related to the wear of railway tracks and turnouts), going to solve a number of issues related to railway maintenance processes and, simultaneously, it will allow an overall increase in system performance.
  • The second project, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano, concerns the BLESS+ system (Bed LEvel Seeking System), a monitoring device for bridge piers in river bed, designed for monitoring the river bed depth during peak water flow events, which may be the cause of hazardous pier scouring phenomena with relative structural failure.

Taking part at this event for the first time, Loccioni Group once again demonstrates its ongoing commitment to pursue innovation and excellence through research and the exchange of views with the best in the World.


Download here the preliminary programme of the congress.

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