We help manufacturers of aircrafts, propulsion systems and components for aeronautics and aerospace improve the quality, safety and efficiency of their products and processes.

Our team supports makers in identifying which are the most critical steps in the designing, building and maintaining phase of the production workflow, then develops tailor-made solutions to meausure, automate and control those steps.

services and solutions

Components testing

Functional- , stress- , life-testing solutions design for major components involved in landing gear actuation, hydraulic power generation, engine power transmission and fuel distribution systems.

Rig testing

Design and implementation of complex test rigs targeted to R&D/End of Line/MRO testing of engine parts testing (e.g. compressors, combustion chambers and turbines) and full-engine testing.
Rig Design & Implementation, Rig Instrumentation Design & Implementation, DAQ System Design & Implementation, Calibration, Testing and Data Analysis.

Circular traversing system case study Wet rig case study
Avionics testing

Design and implementation of automatized solutions for electrical functionality tests, haptic tests and Hardware in the Loop validation on ECUs, FADEC systems, avionic units and user interfaces.

Data acquisition systems

Design and implementation of static and dynamic DAQ to manage data configuration, calibration, synchronization, streaming, monitoring, export, post-processing. Those solutions serving small and large test rigs for functional test (e.g. Turbine stage characterization).

Inspection and health monitoring

Design and implementation of solutions for single components or mechanical assemblies inspection by means of non-contact automatic techniques for the identification of defects, dimensional features, misalignments, process residues (e.g. chemicals). Distributed and interoperable sensors eco-systems (e.g. structural health monitoring), optical fiber sensors solutions.

Robotic cells

Design and implementation of smart robotic cells for assembly operations automation (e.g. drilling, riveting etc.) and inspection (e.g. holes, rivets positioning etc.). Implemented solutions are targeted to production line operations and MRO operations.