Aerospace dialogues

The aerospace industry is about to start its fourth revolution. This will require many technological players to interact and cooperate.

The aerospace industry has already changed the way we move, communicate via satellite, buy on the internet and move around the world. According to the European Space Agency (ESA), it is now on the threshold of its fourth revolution, called Space 4.0.

After a 1.0 phase dedicated to the study of astronomy, a 2.0 phase focused on the space race to the Moon and a 3.0 phase where National Government cooperated for the international Space Station (ISS), today the challenge is to foster interactions between governments, private sector, society and politics.

Aerospace Dialogues gathers the main players of the Italian aerospace industry together in order to tackle this challenge in a coordinated, faster and more effective way.

The group is chaired by Roberto Vittori, ESA Astronaut and Space Attaché of the Italian Embassy in the USA. The main topics of discussion are technological innovation and security, both fundamental drivers of the ongoing transformation (in a space program, the test phase takes 80% of the time and 30% of the resources on average).

Loccioni hosted the first edition of the meeting in 2017, taking the chance to showcase its first solutions for quality and testing for aeronautics and aerospace industries.

Aerospace dialogues

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