1,2,3…here we go with Bluzone Camp!

Since this week the Loccioni Group is hosting more than 50 kids involved with the summer camps of Fuoriclasse, Classe Virtuale Camp and Summer&Sons.
Below the schedule of the meetings of the following weeks:

  • June 15 to 19: Fuoriclasse addressed to kids from Primary School
  • June 22 to 26: Fuoriclasse addressed to kids from Secondary School
  • June 29  to 3 July: Classe Virtuale Camp to youngster from High School
  • July 6 to 22: Summer&Sons addressed to Loccioni Group employees’ kids

Game, orientation, learning and innovation are the key words that will guide kids in their experience with us. Kids will now have the opportunity to live the inside reality of a company and will find out how fun can be learning by doing!