1st “Open Company” Trophy

Saturday, October 18th , 2014 Loccioni played at home the first match of the ‘Open Company’ Trophy, between Sulmona team, winner of the Magneti Marelli Cup, and Loccioni Soccer Team.
A day dedicated to sport, sportsmanship and fair play, which saw the victory of the prepared and well-knit team of Abruzzo.
Relive with us on this exciting day, through the photos and the story of our commentator:
On a Saturday morning a decidedly summer temperature, a ” real ” and intense match was played  between the organized Magneti Marelli team (even equipped with a massage therapist, official team bags and tactic dashboard!) and Loccioni Soccer Team (missing of some very prestigious elements).
An exciting game and full of surprises; finally awarding the guests with the result of 7-5, thanks to the habit of playing together as well as to some outstanding individual players such as the bomber Crugnale, author of 5 out of the 7 goals totally realized.
Among the ranks of the local team led by Emanuele Mazzanti, Marco Tozzi goals must be mentioned and everybody’s ambition to do well and hold Loccioni banner high.
Also good the arbitrage of “our” (but fair !!) Diego Argentati who has managed to keep even the warmest spirits calm, especially in the frenetic final game.

This first Open Company trophy aims at being the first in a long series of matches with customers and partners, to give them a unique experience and create opportunities for exchange and discussion in an atmosphere of informality, outside the schedules and the work roles.