ADI Design Index 2011

“You are a Play Factory: men express their utmost intelligence only when they play” with this sentence in 2007 Isao Hosoe defined defined the Loccioni Group, our passion for what we do, our team work, our continuous planning.
Today Play Factory model and with it the Loccioni Group fully gain the international world of design in the category Corporate Research. Design not only as aesthetic matters but in its wider sense of behaviour, vision, process, functionality.  Play Factory are all our projects and the way we develop them, from measurement systems to robotics, from renewable energies to health care appliances, from the generation of ideas to the communication of values, from the application of ergonomics and proxemics to the new usage interfaces.
Play Factory is research, design, communication, training: a new model to create new business for a new job culture.
Adi Design Index is the publication collecting the best Italian design
The selection can be considered as a pre-selection for the participation to  Premio Compasso d’Oro ADI.
ADI Design Index2011 Loccioni-Isao Hosoe Design