Al via il più grande sistema di accumulo collegato ad eolico

“In this context we are developing technological partnerships with leading actors in this area and the cooperation with Loccioni has been extremely effective.” This was said by Richard Amoroso, whom, together with the Councillor for the Economic Development Raffaele Liberali, the Samsung Europe Managing Director Mr. Michael Son and our Damiano Loppi, cut the plant green ribbon. “We are very pleased with the activity of supplement that has played with us and we look positively to the future the opportunity to replicate this experience.”

The 2 MW / 2MWh storage system is connected to a high voltage primary station and it is integrated to the largest Enel Green Power wind farm in Italy, and it consists of 9 turbines of 2 MW each for a total installed capacity of 18 MW .
The solution, able to provide ancillary services to the network, is part of a larger project of technological co-development that will see the companies work together for the next two years in order to optimize the technologies, the costs and the benefits that such projects can assure to the world of renewable energies.
The role of Loccioni, which for over 40 years develops innovative solutions to support different areas of technology, was to integrate and communicate the solutions of the other partners, adding intelligence to the solution with an Energy Management System, which allows to integrate the wind farm to the Italian electricity grid efficiently, by providing essential services to ensure the safety of the entire system.
The commitment and the investment of all the companies involved in the project go in the direction of maximizing production and efficiency of renewable energies and to reduce the imbalances generated on the electricity grid by these systems.
In this scenario of network evolution from centralized to distributed generation, the storage solutions are a strategic factor in the development of the new energy paradigm in the Italian and worldwide.