An Expo not to miss!

Moreover, thanks to the partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo, in the wonderful frame of the Waterstone on June 9th we have gathered brands such as Lavazza, Ferrero, Nestlè Waters, Mondelez, Fileni, Carlsberg in the the event 2km di future: food, energy, innovation. It has been so interesting to share each other good practices about the food factory of the future, in terms of innovation and energy efficiency. With Luca De Biase, technology journalist and chief editor of Nòva, by Sole 24 Ore, the panelists have discussed of the animal comfort, of sustainability, of biologic and lean production, of the importance of technology suppliers in the factory 4.0. So many the hints and suggestions and so strong the will to create a virtuous network to improve the quality and sustainability of what we eat. To conclude the event we couldn’t miss the opportunity to have a tasting of Marche eno-gastronomic excellences: thanks to Coop-Agri, to Marche
Region and to the Marche Wine Institute, we could offer our guests the best regional wines and get all senses involved in the show cooking of Fileni biological chicken by Marche star chef Errico Recanati, while admiring the Tree of life. This is the Expo magic.
Last but not least Loccioni presence in Palazzo Italia that will go on for the entire Expo duration. Here we have to say thanks to our Esino river, that has given us the privilege to be selected among the 22 stories representing Italian Pride in the Italian Identity Show in the section “The Power of Limits”. In the third floor, after the Power of Making and the Power of Beauty, inside the inspiring darkness where 22 windows enlighten incredible stories of Italian creativity as an answer to limits and adversities, you can see the installation titled “A fairytale river”, representing Loccioni’s 2km di futuro®: a project to secure and enhance the river flowing along our working sites and at the same time the demonstration of a possible harmony between public and private, profit and value, man, nature and technology.