APOTECAchemo live at the Johns Hopkins Hospital

The Johns Hopkins University has an impressive track record in research and innovation. Thirty-six people with ties to Johns Hopkins have received a Nobel Prize (16 in medicine), and two among the most impactful shifts in modern medicine come from Baltimore: first, the discovery of restriction enzymes gave birth to the genetic engineering industry; second, the discovery of the brain’s natural opiates has triggered an explosion of interest in neurotransmitter pathways and functions.
The hospital pharmacy has now enrolled two APOTECAchemo systems to automate the compounding process for the majority of hazardous doses produced for patients in Johns Hopkins’ inpatient and outpatient settings.
The Johns Hopkins Hospital has so joined the US Community of APOTECA users, counting 5 among the top 30 cancer centers in the country: Cleveland Clinic, Ohio State University, University of Maryland Medical Center, and Wake Forest Baptist Health.