APOTECAcommunity International 2016

The first success of the meeting (the 2014 Community event) was represented by the first scientific article about a new concept of technology used in pharmacy to share knowledge and competences on robotics. This time, the Community pushed itself further, imagining pharmacy in 2022, establishing the objectives according to the trends: roles and responsibilities, drugs, healthcare system and technologies, and then drawing a roadmap until the 2022 trying to constantly take on new challenges.
The metaphor used to describe this topic is the Italian game of “bocce” (bowls), where the fundamental aspect is to test themselves in relation with the others. Besides, the participants had the occasion to try this typical Italian game! The next International Community will take place in 2018 when the next step towards the 2022 will be established.
APOTECAcommunity International Meeting 2016