Art for Business Forum 2011

 Triennale di Milano, 18-19 November 2011

In the evocative setting of Teatro dell’Arte in Milan,
by the Art for Business Forum, open to everybody,
the Loccioni Group will be together with François Jullien, Odile Decq, Enzo Rullani and Leonardo Previ
to learn about the present.

Art for Business 2011
Art For Business Forum aims at creating a discussion on the tools to use for seizing the present and make it ours, thus collecting, in these two days, the most innovative and influential characters of the international panorama.

In the evenings of both days two leading appointments will include among others:
FRANÇOIS JULLIEN, French sinologist and philosopher, professor at the University Paris vii and Director of Institut de la Pensée Contemporaine of Paris
Learning the Present, recognizing the change
Friday 18th November, Teatro dell’Arte, 7.00pm–8.30pm
CHRIS BANGLE, from 1997 to 2010 head of the design centre of BMW and one of the most influent designers of his generation
Designing the present
Saturday 19th November, Teatro dell’Arte, 7.30pm–9.00pm
Together with François Jullien, Renzo Libenzi, General Manager of Loccioni Group, will be among the protagonists of the 18th November event, with Odile Decq, architect, Enzo Rullani, t.Lab Manager– CFMT and Leonardo Previ, Chairman of Trivioquadrivio.
Complete programme
Art for Business Magazine (on page 5 ‘The Play Factory’, the interview with Renzo Libenzi)