Bayer’s Grants4Tech challenge: we are the winners

After weeks of preparation, testing after testing and after “baths” of dust, the Grants4Tech challenge launched by Bayer has arrived and we flew to Berlin for the competition.

5 teams involved, from several European nations:

  • The IVISO team from Vienna
  • The DRUMMIE team from Leuven
  • The FASS team from Aachen
  • The ROBODEV team from Karlsruhe
  • The LAIAL team: we together with IIT (Italian Institute of Technology)

Teams were aggressive and developed evolved systems: each had its own strategy to reach the goal, consisting in opening several dust containers from which, after removing a plastic band and opening the contents, dust had to be sampled and then put the strap back and close the container in just 15 minutes. The adrenaline was very high.
Step by step our system has made it: we have completed almost all the operations, ensuring a nice score that took us to the highest step of the podium.
Hartmut Klusik, part of Bayer’s Board Management, has rewarded us and has complimented us for the achievement!
Watch the video: The award ceremony