Between Robotics and Learning-Working Projects, the new ways of Design

Conceived for the 4.0 Industry, Mel-O (Modular Extended Lightweight robot) is a modular robot able to autonomously execute measurement analysis, quality control and high precision manufacturing activities. An interconnected system, with sensors and calculating devices, Mel-O represents the concrete transition towards the company of the future.
A jobplace for all ages is something that goes beyond the learning-working project. It involves students from elementary and secondary schools, graduates, doctoral candidates, teachers and managers, entrepreneurs, technicians and humanists. The joint organization with the schools of the territory has assumed an innovative dimension with the involvement, by the company, of teachers in a training course on the new technologies and the digital wisdom.
The prestigious recognition by ADI, both from the high technology and social commitment point of views, is a further demonstration that the true value of a company consists in creating a community: with clients, suppliers, partners, students, teachers; with people who share a future project with the company.