Bluzone Camp: summer camp for all ages

Bluzone Camp second edition is about to end. It is a training workshop that comes from a joint design with local schools. This year the project has involved more than 100 teachers within the enterprise through a training path and about 180 students trained at school in order to build together the skills of the future.
Moreover, there are many others projects allowing children to meet the company world. During June Loccioni Group has indeed opened its doors to local elementary schools students with “Fuoriclasse” project: 40 children lived a week in the company to discover Internet of Things. They thought about the relationship between technology and nature: how could we connect things through technology in a respectful and sustainable way?
Such question has been the leitmotif of all Loccioni laboratories for young students – “Fuoriclasse” for middle schools students and “Classe Virtuale Camp” for high schools ones. Finally, there is “Summer & Sons”, a project dedicated to Loccioni collaborators’ children from 6 to 13 years old. All activities of these projects have been focused on an active and joyful learning that teach to integrate “knowing” and “doing”, fun and work.
All of this is part of Bluzone world, our “training ground” that involves more than 1,000 students per year in school-work pathways, where experience and knowledge exchange generates a “jobplace for all ages”, where working means learning.