Communicating data and fluxes of a Smart Grid

According to experts, the coming years will be characterized by a massive increase in data and information management. The understanding of the data will bring important changes. An inability to representation, filtering and interpretation could even lead to immobilize the system.
The report “Future Work Skills 2020” published by the Institute for the Future of the University of Phoenix Research Institute confirms that the ability of management and representation of the data will allow new and important design possibilities. Once decoded the world around us we will focus more and more on how to manage data to achieve the desired results. The collection of huge amounts of information would allow modeling of social systems on extreme scales, both micro and macro, helping to discover patterns and relationships previously invisible.
The route by which Loccioni Group starts the management of complex data will begin on July 8, during the “Design connection” of San Marino. 20 selected students will design for a week together with the professor and expert Nicolò Ceccarelli and our the project tutor Tommaso MonaldiLoccioni Identity Lab. To support the team there will be also  Gianni Sinni, Michele Zannoni and Giovanni Gigante.
The Design Connection Week will be preceded by the meeting with Nicolò Ceccarelli at our headquarters in Angels, an encounter that will enable our employees and in particular our Software Design Team to understand of the project and take part in it.