Ecomondo has just ended

Thank to the installation “Energy fluxes” dedicated to the project “Smart Leaf” and “Smart Carbon”, Loccioni showed his renovated engagement with the research of the best solution for production, management and use of renewable energy but also of solutions for the regeneration of processes of non-renewable energy production. This engagement obtained approval of the Environment Minister Corrado Clini who, on Thursday, visited the stand and thanks to the installation visited virtually the Leaf Community.
With the aim of spreading his experience and knowledge, Loccioni Group partecipated in two conferences:
Smart, green…100 cervelli per la sostenibilità ambientale. Il green crowd (Thursday 8 November, 10.30- 13.30 h) and Smart Cities…verso le implementAZIONI (Thursday 8 November, 14-17 h).
During the first meeting, led by Michele Vianello (Vega director) and organized as a workshop, three working groups gave their best to conceive projects related to green cities. The project coordinated by Loccioni Group, ‘Q.te city’, turn out to be the most rewarded on the web.
During Smart Cities…verso le implementAZIONI, guided by Gianni Silvestrini (Kyoto Club director), Alessandro Salvucci presented  Leaf Community 2.0 and showed all new developments of the Leaf Community and the newly born portal myLeaf.
Both traditional media, as press and tv, and social media paid great attention to Loccioni Group participation at Ecomondo.

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