Expo 2015: the heritage inside a book published by Skira

On Tuesday, July 19th, it has been presented the book The Power of beauty. A journey into the Italian Pavilion at Expo Milano 2015 devoloped by Giuliano Faliva, Lorenzo Altieri, Mauro Belloni, Caroline Elefante, Chiara Ferrè.
An heritage of stories and images which will give us the opportunity to revive the event that has represented the heart of the World Exposition for several months.
Among all the stories, there is also our installation “The fairy tale of the river the and company” that during the exposition has told the story of our 2 km of future, the entire recovery process and the development of 2 km of the river Esino, which from a threat has become a beautiful place where the inhabitants of the territory can go for a walk, but also a destination for our guests who come from all over the world.
Until September 30th, you can visit our installation in Milan Experience the park built in the EXPO area that offers everyone the opportunity to participate at hundreds of events, initiatives , exhibitions and shows.