Good Energy Award 2012

Milan, 12th June 2012
Loccioni, Diasen and New Twins, winners of the third Edition of “Good Energy Award 2012“.
The award, supported by Bosch, Energetic Source and Hera Group, has been assigned to Loccioni Group on the Producer Category, Diasen on the Constructor Category and New Twins on the Energy Efficiency Category.
The introduction of the Energy Efficiency Category was the innovation of this year to award all those companies that have decided to invest on those solutions aiming at reducing energy consumptions.
“This award represents for us an important moment to carry on with our project in sustainability”, as Enrico Loccioni, Loccion Group President, has affirmed. “Clean energy and smart grid are a big opportunity to develop new services, new competences and new job opportunities and it will allow us to step up forward on the integration among human being, nature and technologies”.