Green@Hospital is among the EU innovations in the societal challenges

According to the project proceedings presented last February during the final workshop at Ancona University Hospital, the outcomes of the Green@Hospital are in some cases better than expected.
In his final speech Paolo Galassi, General Manager of Ancona University Hospital, reckoned that «the Green@Hospital project allowed us to save up to 80% of the energy used for lighting the monitored rooms. If we extended the solutions tested to the entire hospital, we could save more than 1 million euros per year».
The Green@Hospital project is part of the public-private partnership for innovation in healthcare between Ancona University Hospital and Loccioni. This parnership, which goes under the name Lab@AOR, has made its way from Italy to the world, and nowadays is the hub for an international network of leading healthcare providers such as Cleveland Clinic, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Samsung Medical Center an otehrs.