How to reduce energy consumption in Hospitals?


In this context, the project becomes a clear example of partnership between public and private in which the different skills of the Loccioni Group are successfully integrated: the project coordinated by Loccioni Research for Innovation team brings innovations developed by Loccioni Energy in the Marchigian hospital, who has been working in partnership with Loccioni Humancare in the development of projects dedicated to healthcare processes.

As part of the Green@Hospital, Ospedali Riuniti of Ancona in the analysis focuses on the energy impact related to the oncological process of care.


The key elements of this project are Agorà and the installation of a Smart Lighting System.

Agorà is the place of healthcare fluxes, a sustainable and innovative data center where data are managed to optimize processes and resources in a sustainable way.

The infrastructure created around the Smart Lighting System, in oncology, hematology departments and laboratory analysis permits to manage dimmable LED lamps throughout innovative algorithms, in order to increase the comfort of patients and to improve the energy performance of the hospital.