Loccioni e Università Politecnica delle Marche premiati dall’Unione Europea

The first edition of the Start Up Europe Award took place in Milan, in November 2016. This event is promoted by the European Commission Parliament that has awarded for their commitment two realities of Marche Region: our Enterprise Loccioni and Università Politecnica delle Marche towards startups. This event belongs to the initiatives of StartUp Europe, which is a programme of European Commission that supports the project Horizon 2020 for the development of digital strategy. The main aims of this programme are connecting people, linking the various local ecosystems, supporting startups and celebrating business talents. The special award #SEUAItaly2016 “Best StartUp Business Booster Enterprise” has been won by our Enterprise. On the contrary, Univpm received the special price #SEUAItaly2016 “Mostprolific Spin-off, Startups (SOS) creator” for the quality and the quantity of their spin-off and startups.